BEN's Lab @Northumbria

Extreme Materials and Devices Lab @Northumbria

The ongoing research interests are:
1. Switching droplet shape on a patterned elastomer surface.

Observation of pattern switching on (a) and off (b) under fluorescence microscopy; (c) droplet shape change (side view for the droplet with and without tension strain)

2. Elastic instabilities in soft materials, responsive controlling (
Creasing movie).
Pasted Graphic 1 Pasted Graphic 3 Pasted Graphic 4 Pasted Graphic 5
--------- Electro-creasing --------------Thermal-creasing ------E-creasing Recovery ----- Electro-creasing wave ---------- 3D reconstruction--------

3. Micro-engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques (Laser cutting, Electro-spinning, 3D printing, FIB milling).
Pasted Graphic 854321-1first shot-PEO 8wt% -30ml per hour20X--1


4. Gel based nanocomposites with hierarchical structure for energy application.

NP-Gel electrode-1
--------- Gel/NP hierarchical structure -----------Anode coiling------

5. Flexible electronics.
Transferedelectrode device-compressedw-1Untitled-1Fig.3 - FEB 05
--Stamp transferring -----multi-scale instabilities------Top view of the wrinkling on electrodes-----Creasing --- Creasing induced resistance dropping--

6. Smart materials, stimuli-responsive phenomenon.

33 Pasted Graphic 7
-----Shape memory Polymer------A micro-griper design-----


We gratefully acknowledge the funding for our researches provided by the following councils and sponsors:
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